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Kindergarten play school is dedicated in ensuring that the child is provided an environment that is most conducive to catalyze the overall development of the child. Children of this age group are very impressionable and thus, the knowledge and skills imparted during these formative years play a pivotal role in deciding the kind of individual a child would develop into, not just from an academic perspective but even when it comes to gaining emotional intelligence/maturity and being able to deal with challenges that life has to offer.

This in turn, makes the child more dexterous and positive in his approach when it comes to accomplishing a task no matter how difficult it is again, a tool that every child should have as they make the transition from being a preschooler to a school-going student to a grown-up individual.

The childhood education concept has undergone a vast change in the recent years and can be understood by the degree of children's mental & physical process. At "Kindergarten" play school , we're working relentlessly to research, upgrade & consult our program to keep pace with the ever-evolving world around your child. We have incorporated the latest research into a fresh approach to teaching and learning that is learning by experiencing. Here each curriculum is created by our own educational department experts, who bring decades of experience of child education. Besides, we have a panel of child psychologists who assist us in creating most effective courses. This is the reason why our children's courses have been recognized by parents who trust us.!


Founder and Director

Every Child has a leader within and the greatest gift you can give your child is to discover and nurture that leader.

A child is like clay pot you can mpould him any way which you want as unique indivisuals, innate with limitless potential, curious aboutthe environment around them.To inculcate the right manners, healthy habits and right education for a fruitful tomorrow iot's imperative to imbible the right learining in a conductive and not in a hostile environment.

KinderGarten designed to build children for the world of tomorrow and its huge global opportunities and challenges. So,we are here to discover the leader in your child.Knowing Our child is important, if we know our child's talent in term of strength,the way he/she thinks,works and learns,we will be able to guide our child better , helping him/her to learn better and possibly help to take important decision lateron in life! We desired to build the inventors of tomorrow not the replicas of yesterday.

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Corporate Office:

D-453, Sector-7,
Dwarka, New Delhi.
Telephone: +91-9818189474

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B 35 Mansa Ram Park,
Uttam Nagar.
Telephone: +91-11-25333900

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S-17, 2nd Floor,
Sahjanand Chowk.
Harmu, Ranchi
Jharkhand 834002

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