Support system

  • Complete support in the development of new branch such as interior and exterior designing, concepts planning, colour scheme. branding etc.

  • Planning, guidence and support for Pre-Launch, Launch, Post-Launch advertising, marketing, promotion, development of PR strategy

  • Complete academic support - specially designed books, monthly planners, activities, important notices/circulars, lession plans, celebration, etc.

  • Designing of brochures, leaflets, banners, hoardings, newspaper advertisment, emailers, etc.

  • Planning and guidance for local. regional and national advertisement.

  • Regular monitoring, audit and up-gradation of the system as per the changing needs.

  • Scheduled visits, personalized attention and support from KinderGarten Support Executive will help our franchisee to generate good business.

  • Regular performance review, training and skill up-gradations of teaching and non-teaching staff.

  • Extensive initial training of franchisee, branch head. teachers by experts.

  • periodic meeting/workshops designed to keep you informed & ahead of competitions.

    Children learn to be one with nature as they share their environment with birds and butterflies. An experience which is conductive to growth and the all-around development of the child, nurturing all aspects of the personality-physical, intellectual, Linguistic, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual.
  • Our curriculum

    Our curriculum team is packed with real world concrete, sensory experience where the young learner can touch, see, taste, hear and smell there by striking an interesting balance between learning and playing.

    Ensure that children learn as effectively and efficiently as possible in caring and friendly environment in which to develop our pupil’s cultural awareness, emotional understanding, and intellect physical and social skill. Our play school program is based on self directed non competitive activities. Besides this personality development is also a part of the academics which starts right from childhood by developing self esteem and confidence of each child through a motivating learning environment with wide exposure. The academic assessment is based on competition with one self. not with others by using hands on, interactive learning, multiple intelligence.

    Children naturally develop healthy, positive self image and great challenges with confidence and optimism. Quality Control – Annual Quality Assurance visit to maintain school performance, and regular quality control audit.

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    Corporate Office:

    D-453, Sector-7,
    Dwarka, New Delhi.
    Telephone: +91-9818189474

    Registered Office:

    B 35 Mansa Ram Park,
    Uttam Nagar.
    Telephone: +91-11-25333900

    Regional Office:

    S-17, 2nd Floor,
    Sahjanand Chowk.
    Harmu, Ranchi
    Jharkhand 834002

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